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Benjamin Knight is a 15 years old prodigy who is recruted in a research team. The day their experiment succeeds, Ben’s driver along with few others kill Ben’s mates and sabotage the experiment.
All of a sudden Ben wakes up in a different world, where his life is in great danger, where the technology is still a fairytale and the electricity is a dream. At first he thinks he might be somewhere in the future, but he finds out that is a completely different world. Ben is saved by a band of traders and he travels with them, while he gets to know and understand this new world.

What can Ben do when he is beaten because he knows more than anyone there about something so common in his world as electricity?  What can he do when he realises that some of those he believed his friends have betrayed him and some of those he barely knew are, in fact, loyal to him?

A copy of Knightfall was provided by Amina Black (blog tour host) for the purpose of an honest and fair review.


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