The Versatile Blogger Award!


So I decided to write in english too, not because it’s the new fashion, but because I love english and it’s a good way of not forgetting my vocabulary.  I’ve been nominated by Oana for this award, or game, or something like that and I’m glad she thought about me.

1. Thank to the person that nominated you
2. Include the link to that person’s blog
3. Select 15 blog girls that you’ve discovered recently or you’ve followed constantly
4. Leave them the link of this post on their last article.
5. Write 7 things about you (I suppose it must me 7 different things then the 7 misteries I already wrote about me in an older post)

So 7 things about me:

1. I love to walk in the rain. When all people run to avoid rain and the city is mostly empty, I love to walk in the city. It’s nice to see people rushing all over, but it’s even nicer to feel, smell, see and hear the rain.

2. I hate lies, but I hate more the pathetic liers. I like a well done job.

3. I’m a person who keeps her word, so I claim the same thing to the others. Those who can’t live up to this, I push them away from me.

4. My brain works on speed x5 in unexpected situations, when I need cold blood to find solutions extremely fast and I love this ability of mine since it’s getting me out of troubles 🙂

5. I love to read almost all kinds of books, except erotic or war books.

6. I love playing soccer, but  I don’t use to watch soccer games at tv.

7. Many people consider me their friend, but very few of them I consider my friends. I ask a lot to my friends and not anyone can live up to it, which is why my friends are the kind of people one rarely meets in life. Yet, I don’t ask my friends more than I’m giving.

Blogs I like, written by gilrs / women:

1. Dear Charlie
2. Cafebiblioart
3. Stories About Bees
4. Roxtao
5. Us and a Blog
6. Daniella’s Blog
7. Walking on Letters
9. Rosedeny
10. Amina Black

These are all the blogs I like, so I can’t write 15 here. There may be more other good blogs, but I didn’t find them … yet. The list is randomly written, not according to their importance for me, but I do read all these 10 blogs frequently.


9 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. OMG! Thank you!! Tommorrow I’ll do it! That’s such a lovely surprise :3 Thank you!! Have a good night sleep! Read you tomorrow!!


  2. Mi-e dor de limba engleză, să gândesc în engleză și se pare că nu e suficient să văd filme americane fără titrare, așa că am ales să scriu pe blog în engleză, dar nu știu cât de des sau cât de rar deocamdată

  3. Treci fata inapoi la limba romana ca sa inteleaga si cei ca mine ce scrii. Scriai pe undeva ceva despre mandria de a fi roman si acum o dai pe engleza?

  4. Știam eu că e un motiv pentru care n-am scris în engleză aici până acum, dar se pare că-l uitasem. Ms că mi l-ai amintit. N-o să traduc această postare, o las să-mi amintească pe viitor, dar probabil că va fi singura scrisă de mine în limba engleză.

  5. Oh. WOW! Ma simt onorata.
    Mersi, Gina! Nu ma asteptam la nominalizare. In ultima vreme, lumea a uitat de existenta mea si a blogului. Exista bloguri mai “cool”. Eu deja sunt batrana si expirata. 😆 O sa fac ASAP postarea, desi o sa fie mega dificil sa scriu 7 lucruri despre mine. 🙂

  6. Recunosc că nu prea postez comentarii pe puținele bloguri care le citesc, că mereu mă distrage cineva sau ceva, dar mereu mi-a plăcut blogul tău, Daniela și mai arunc un ochi din când în când să văd ce mai scrii 🙂

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